Christopher J. Deraney for State House

Welcome to the website for Christopher J. Deraney for Georgia State House Representative


“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
- Proverbs 22:6

Education is paramount in empowering our children with knowledge that will allow them to prosper as they grow. I fully support a parent’s right to decide where he or she deems fit to send their child to be educated: public schools, charter schools, parochial schools, etc.

District 78 sits partially in one of the most debilitated public school systems in the country. State leaders have launched far-reaching initiatives with the potential to improve teaching and student achievement, but have not provided enough money to carry them out. 

Clayton County's accreditation has been a wide-sweeping pendulum. In-fighting, governance issues, student exodus and a revolving door of superintendents were contributing factors to the accreditation loss. The school system has been on a provisional accreditation since early 2013. With stable and effective solutions, not only can we improve our school system, we can close the gap on the graduation rate to meet or exceed the state level. 

 Georgia should recognize that:

  • The discretionary budget cuts to education need to be monitored more closely
  • Class sizes should be reduced to allow more individual focus on students
  • Curriculum standards for teachers should be simplified and made more permanent to reduce year-to-year confusion over new and unnecessary curriculum implementation 
  • The standards for testing should be simplified to reduce the overly complex method at which students are evaluated 
  • The manner and process of evaluating our teachers should be simplified and streamlined to ensure that our quality educators are adjudicated fairly 

As your Representative, I will work for you to ensure that our children are offered the best education possible:

  • From day one, I will work with state leaders and accreditation officials to do everything we can to ensure that our school system will regain its full accreditation again in 2015
  • I will meet and work with local and state personnel to determine where funds from the tax digest can be better used, especially with regard to our school districts
  • I will lead an initiative to finally provide funding that will supplement teacher training that previous initiatives have set forth but not adequately funded 
  • I will seek to reallocate funds from unnecessary and/or failing programs funded by the state
Most of all, I want to make education a priority instead of a place to save money.