Christopher J. Deraney for State House

Welcome to the website for Christopher J. Deraney for Georgia State House Representative

Your Job, Your Money

Money is a sore spot for many Americans right now. Our leaders have not been forthcoming in their efforts to maximize the value of the almighty dollar in the pockets of America’s citizens. Our government isn't a creator of wealth — it’s a detractor of it. Our citizens want to get back to work and as their Representative, I will fight to make that happen.

Fact: Over the last decade, Clayton County’s total employment decreased by 13.0 percent making it a much larger decrease than the state’s average decline of 2.4 percent. 

Many factors including housing, new business development, current business sustainability, much needed infrastructure improvements contributed to this decline. In nearly every economic area (i.e. income, unemployment rates, housing, and education), Clayton County fell below the state’s average. Improvement in each area not only closes the gap, but makes business development in Clayton County more attractive to potential outside entrepreneurs, increases the potential for those living in the county that wish to start small business ventures and most importantly, provides more job opportunities to our residents. 

New businesses and job opportunities not only make owning a home in this district more attractive, but raises home values as well. Better jobs leads to better housing which leads to less crime and a better environment in which to live and work. 


  • I will work to raise awareness of the economic development capabilities by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of our district.
  • I will work to streamline business licensing and permitting. Cutting the bureaucratic red tape makes opening a new local business more attainable.
  • I will work with the counties and state to find a viable transportation system which will greatly increase the residents of the district’s ability to find and obtain sustainable employment. 
  • I will work to provide financial solutions to the county’s lacking infrastructure investment. Improving road conditions, traffic congestion and signals, and aesthetics will make empty business facilities more attractive to potential business owners.
Businesses won’t thrive without community support. Jobs don’t happen without business. Let’s bring business back to Clayton and Henry Counties!